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Membership Process

Adults 19+ with valid picture ID may shop at our storefront locations or access mail order services across Canada. You can drop off your documents for membership, or apply online, and shop the same day using your valid ID. A membership card will not be issued.  When shopping in store our membership will be verified using your government issued ID.

To become eligible to purchase medicinal cannabis products from our dispensary you must complete our application process.

How to Become a Member

  1. Create an account on and upload your ID and medical documentation.
  2. Agree to the terms of membership.
  3. After we have reviewed your submitted application and documents will will approve or deny your membership within 2 hours (during regular business hours.)
  4. Once you have been approved you are able to place an online order.

We DO accept

* Letter of Diagnosis from your medical professional.

* Referral letter relating to your diagnosis.

* Other documentation confirming your diagnosis. (Example: medical prescriptions relating to diagnosis)

* MMAR forms

* Memberships with federal Licensed Producers

Membership Agreement

1. I declare that I have a medical condition treatable with Cannabis or Cannabis products.  I have provided with a confirmation of diagnosis or a recommendation from one of the following:

–  Medical Doctor

–  Psychiatrist

– Naturopathic Doctor

– Nurse Practitioner

– Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

OR I have provided evidence of my diagnosis by providing a photo or scan of my existing prescription medication for a health condition treatable with Cannabis or Cannabis products.

Some conditions for which confirmation of diagnosis is accepted:



Anxiety/Stress Disorder



Brain/Head Injury


Cerebral Palsy

Chemotherapy Treatment


Crohn’s Disease







Hepatitis C

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Chronic Migraines

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy

Nausea – Chronic and Debilitating

Pain – Chronic



Parkinson’s Disease

Radiation Therapy

Seizure Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Spinal Cord Injury

Substance Addiction and Withdrawal

2. I understand that has the right to terminate my membership at any time, for any reason.

3.NO RESELLING. NO SHARING: We provide medicinal cannabis for you only. Any reselling or sharing of your medicine is forbidden. If you are caught reselling any products purchased from the %company_name% you will be permanently banned from receiving services.

4.BE RESPONSIBLE: You understand that cannabis and cannabis products, like any medicine, must be stored and used responsibly.

5.IMPAIRMENT: Cannabis may cause temporary impairment of motor functions, coordination and cognitive function such as short-term memory. Edible cannabis products often require additional time to take effect and can have more powerful effects than smoked or vaporized cannabis. Edibles should be used with caution at all times. Do not swim, drive or operate heavy machinery if you are impaired by the use of cannabis.

  1. ALCOHOL: Cannabis mixed with alcohol can cause the effects of each to be more intense and increase impairment. Use caution whenever you combine medicines with other substances. We recommend limiting or stopping your intake of alcohol when using cannabis products.
  2. DRUG INTERACTIONS: Cannabis may have negative interactions with certain pharmaceutical drugs. Please consult a physician before using cannabis products with other drugs.
  3. CARDIAC: Cannabis causes temporary increases in heart rate coupled with decreased blood pressure. This can cause temporary light-headedness and dizziness, particularly if you stand up quickly after injection. If you have severe anxiety, cardiac or blood pressure issues, or are taking digitalis or other medications for heart related issues, please consult with a physician before using cannabis products.
  4. NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES: Nelsonspot makes no guarantees, representations or warranties, express or implied, about the effectiveness of cannabis for your particular medical condition or symptoms.
  2. I accept that the makes no guarantees or medical claims, and I hereby agree for myself, my heirs and executors to waive any claims against the and its employees.
  3. I will not use or expose my medicine to the public and agree to keep all products sealed until I am off property.
  4. I understand that non members that may accompany me may not enter the building or loiter outside the building waiting for me, and that I am responsible for the actions of these people while on property.
  1. No minors (those under the age of 19) may enter at any time including babies, small children but excludes dogs.
  1. No minors (those under the age of 19) may enter without a parent or adult with them including babies, small children but excluding dogs.
  2. I have read this form and agree to abide by the code of conduct and cautions listed above.

Medical Disclosure

At we only sell Cannabis and Cannabis products to members who have valid medical need.

During application a member must provide confirmation of diagnosis or the recommendation of a recognized medical professional.

We collect this information in order to approve or deny your membership. Documents submitted electronically will be kept in our secure online system.

Our system is protected by an Emergency Shutdown feature in the event of a raid or business closure which protects the privacy of our members and suppliers.

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